Outlook ADS signatur tool

In the Company I now work, I decided to move away from Tobit David to Exchange and Outlook. Why? Mainly because the connect between exchange and mobilephones are much better then to all other groupwares and that was a main feature we need to connect our outside employees.

The big problem I had now, was, that I need to enforce our corporate design to our mailfooter. Under Tobit you have an central draft that you can adjust according to your requirements, not that under Exchange / Outlook.

From Exchange 2010 you can try this with transport rules - but not, if your chief wants to add a jpg under every Mail.

So I was exhausted to go to every workplace to set the right mailfooter and at this point I decided to wrote a tool that do this centraly. I tried the "zerbit" tool, but under outlook 2007 it shredder my txt mail templates.

So, here it is: Outlook_ADS_mailfooter.7z

And now?
Little Howto:

.net 4 framework, Active Directory Services, Exchange(every Version), Outlook (tested on 2003,2007).

How to use:
there're 4 Files:
Outlook_ADS_Mailfooter.exe (the connector)
sig.[txt,rtf,doc] (the template)
logo.jpg (just a picture for mailfooter)

My Outlook ADS mailfooter is a quick and dirty tool, you should not rename the sig.* files but every *.jpg file will be used.
Now look in the sig.txt and you see the fields I query in the Active Directory.
For example if you want a Mailfooter like this:

Thank you for your mail yours sincerely:

Tom Share
IT Services
2321321 City of Angels

IT Company

You have to maintain the Information in your Active Directory and rewrite the three files like this:

Thank you for your mail yours sincerely:



Next things is to start the .exe with your exchange profil (you can find under "systemcontrol","mail","profile").
Example: outlook_ads_mailfooter.exe outlook (my profile is named: outlook).
So you can start my connector for just your firm profile, your private profile will be spared.

Now you can rollout by GPO -> dont forget your exchange profile at the end.

Thats all

I realy hope you like my tool! Mail me if you like it or if you find a bug or just 4 fun :-) !